Your Support Staff

Pomptonian's entire business is focused on serving students the highest quality nutritious lunches at an affordable price.
Mark Vidovich President
Mark has introduced numerous innovations to build sales and has a history of implementing dramatic financial improvements for our clients. Mark is personally involved in all aspects of our clients’ programs, including preparing the proposal, designing the service concepts, and monitoring the district’s results. Mark has a proven track record of implementing successful programs and a demonstrated commitment to total customer satisfaction.
Candy Vidovich Vice President
Candy has experience in all aspects of the company. She is currently focused on menu development and promoting nutrition. Candy often meets with Nutrition Advisory Committees to develop award-winning menus and innovative service concepts. She spearheaded The Farm Stand concept that dramatically increased the number of students choosing fresh fruits and vegetables with their meals.
Cathy Penna Vice President
Cathy diligently keeps our clients and their on-site management team informed and in compliance with the rules and regulations that govern school food service. Cathy insures that all of our valued clients’ needs are addressed appropriately, in a timely fashion. She also initiates innovative service concepts and appealing new products, ensuring an attractive food service program that exceeds our customers’ expectations.
Howard Grinberg Vice President of Operations
Howard visits the cafeteria to support the on-site team and develops enhancement strategies to drive the program forward. He also assists our clients with facilities issues, including improvement plans and equipment layouts.
Toni Bowman MBA, RDN, Corporate Dietitian
Toni has launched a Farm to Tray initiative, showcasing local fruits and vegetables monthly. Toni also assists school districts navigate successful administrative reviews and attends Nutrition Advisory Committee meetings to better understand the individual needs of the community. She is focused on food allergy management, working directly with families, school nurses, and cafeteria staff to meet their individualized needs.
Greg Ivancich Director of Purchasing
Greg takes his fervor for food and shares it with staff and students through promotions and demonstration cooking. He also ensures that our clients receive the best price for the highest quality products, contributing to superior sales and economically efficient operations.
Mike Horbatuk Chief Financial Officer
Dean Tomaras Assistant Controller
Frank Musillo Human Resources Manager
Mike Bello Systems Administrator

Operations Team

Jason Baumbach Operations Manager
Tina Cappello Operations Manager
Brian Craig Operations Manager
Donna Devany Operations Manager
Nick Iula Operations Manager
Doug Katz Operations Manager
Gina Maffucci Operations Manager
Lorraine Mott Operations Manager
Cindy Sue Schaller Operations Manager
Scott Triola Operations Manager