Social Media for Small Business: Getting Started

The first step in creating a successful social media profile is deciding which social media sites you should be on. The most popular are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, however, that’s not to say that your business couldn’t exceed on other sites as well. We (Goodpep Digital Marketing) usually start our clients off with the 3 previously listed, as they are widely used and easily shareable for our clients friends and family.

The next step in expanding your social following is creating high-quality posts. You need to entertain and educate your followers. This is done by writing posts that are interesting and relevant, while also related to your company’s field. Some examples would be posting about interesting articles, tips/advice, trending topics, etc. Basically, anything that your current or potential followers could relate to or be interested in. There are ways to post organically, meaning tweeting real-time and there are ways to do this via programs.

What is the best method?Organic for sure.

We suggest finding at least one article per day that relates to your field, and then sharing this at peak times for social media. These tend to be either lunch time or sometime in the evening from 6–8pm. But remember, social media is global so your followers will be from all over the world.

No one wants to follow a “bot” on social media because people associate them with spam products. The key is to combined both. Goodpep can help you with this. We use programs to schedule tweets, posts, etc. throughout the week and periodically hop on each account to interact with our followers. These programs allow us to filter who is posting about what. For example, you can see if someone is posting “anyone have any recommendations for a good Wealth Manager?” or “I wanna work in Wealth Management, not sure where to start.” Answering these types of posts is one way to gain followers.

There are also ways to make your social media pages more interactive. Facebook has recently added “apps” to fan-pages, those rectangle boxes on the right-hand side, under your picture. These apps allow you to make your page more interactive to your followers. Instead of just reading an about description, you can use them to promote different services, take polls, reveal work tips/secrets… anything that you think would be valuable or interesting information. These types features can also be added to your business’s other social media profiles, which will keep a consistent look for your brand on every platform.

The best way to run a good social media campaign is to have fun with it. It’s a great place for you business to show it’s personality and interact with your consumers.