Tech Firms Producing Low Quality Websites?

It might seem logical that a room full of programmers would fly under the banner of a smooth, attractive website. All that “coding” talent must result in a usable and clear front end. But you might be surprised. The truth is that often even a room full of whiz-kids don’t have a tough time settling on an effective, user friendly design.

It boils down to these two phenomena:

1. Not all developers are “front end.”

A developer will often have a very specific set of tools that they work in. Sometimes, these have very little to do with html and css, which are what you actually see in your web browser. If a company makes software, they always put the product before the packaging. Often they only hire a UI UX developer as a last measure.

A hardcore programmer from a previous era might also have no issue with something that a normal user might deem confusing or difficult to navigate.

Remember, developers are used to looking at this all day:

2. Just making it work.

In time-strapped startups, most effort and energy is spent of outlining the specifications, structuring a data model, and writing the program that is the basis for the product. It’s a lot of work. And too often the website is written off as mere marketing. Even if you have tech savvy DNA, the execution of a well-designed web presence can be a hard nut to crack.