What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process involved in getting more web traffic from search engine listings. If you ever have wondered why some websites show up for a given search term and not others, it usually is no accident. Most likely these top ranking websites have implemented Search Engine Optimization techniques. The basic principal behind SEO is that, Google is trying to provide people with the best list of websites that match a certain keyword or phrase. Google is concerned with providing the most relevant information to its users and weeding out the “spam” websites. With this principle in mind, an SEO professional finds out which terms will be most relevant for your business and which terms have the most traffic. Then, an SEO will strategically alter the website to help a search engine understand what your site is about.

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This is achieved by a multitude of techniques but they can mostly be broken down into 4 steps:

1. Research

2. Content

3. Coding

4. External

1. Research – It is important to first define your business and your products into common-spoken phrases. We then research the phrases and keywords that people most commonly enter in a search engine that are relevant to your business. We also study your competitors and come up with a strategy that best suits your company’s needs.

2. Content – Based on the keyword research we strategically alter the text of a website, while still maintaining branding as top priority. For SEO, content is key because content is also difficult for someone to fake.

3. Coding – This is the stuff you don’t see but it actually plays an extremely important role in SEO. The main reason being that the right coding will tell search engines the importance of certain phrases in your webpage, helping it determine that your website is relevant to that search phrase.

4. External – This step is broad and encompasses social media, blogging, and link building. The main idea behind this step is that Google bases some of a website’s ranking on a search listing off of it’s popularity in social media and its popularity across the web. The more quality information about your website and quality links that point back to your website, the better. But I must emphasize that it is important to get quality links because google will penalize a website if the link-building is unnatural and easy to obtain.

The importance of using a professional service like Good Pep is that search algorithms are extremely complicated and there are “rules” to SEO that you must not break because they can lead to penalties, such as being removed from Google searches or suffering a loss of ranking. Remember Google wants to provide users with the most relevant search results, so although it may be tempting, do not try to “trick” Google because they do not take kindly to it.

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